Thursday, December 24, 2009

Again, you will know when you are blessed when there are oppositions, fears and/or other challenges in the way of achieving your goal or purpose. They are there for you to overcome and learn from. Most opportunity is found in difficulty. Most of the greatest discoveries are found in the darkest of life circumstances. Stay focused upon the ultimate cause (GOD), not the temporary effects (people, places, things and circumstances).

However, even in the Light the enlightened are seen, hunted and randomly attacked by devils. However, the teacha uses the mind as a weapon against the devils while giving and receiving Light in the World. Armed with an awareness of the Truth that is backed up by a consistent
character of righteousness, the teacha effortlessly defeats (transforms) devils.
(KRS ONE, The GHH, 8th Overstanding - Endarkenment, pg 380, p121-122)

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